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First Couple of Seconds

We always come across situations when we want to do something and we get that bad feeling and we get reluctant to do it.

It could be when someone asks you to dance with them, or go to the stage and make a speech, or you wanted to express yourself to someone you just met, the list goes on …

Oh… my manager has asked me to let them know if I could attend that meeting for them.

Our mind starts to go haywire, What…??? It has never been so active before and the thoughts start to flush in from everywhere.

Ahh… the process has started for the make or break situation.

The First Two Seconds: I really want to attend that meeting this could be my big moment, if I do it they will be asking me again and it could lead to something better.

The other couple of Seconds: Oh… but this would be my first time, What if I screw it? What if I get nervous and start to fumble?  My boss won’t be happy with that, No I can’t do it, I should probably say “NO”. Yes, I will tell I won’t be able to do it and make an excuse.

And that’s it, within a couple of seconds from attending that meeting filled with positivity and enthusiasm, the situation completely changed and break situation came into play.

Later on, we just contemplate about it, What if I had said “YES” the situation would be completely different and we keep on making stuff which won’t matter now because the moment is gone. And we think about it so much that it starts the ripple effect and we go on thinking about other bad things that have happened to us in the past which makes us more sad and miserable.

So what to do about it?

If your first thought is you should do it, do it. Don’t think twice or thrice, it might change your decision.

Nicely quoted by Richard Branson: “If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later!”

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